Stimex balconies - for years to come

Balconies from Stimex

Advantages of our balconies:
Use of the balcony throughout the year
Additional heat and sound insulation
The possibility of expanding the area of the apartment
Anti-hacking (ability to install anti-theft accessories)
Clean and elegant look of the balcony (rainfall and debris from the upper floors will no longer be on your balcony)
Installation of balconies by a simple algorithm
1. Free measurement

2. Departure of the specialist
3. Cost calculation and contract signature
4. Installation and decoration of balconies

Lately, many residents of large cities are trying to expand the useful area of ​​their apartments by means of balconies. But this requires a number of repairs, including glazing of balconies. If you are tired of searching for a reliable company that deals not only with glazing of balconies, but also with manufacturing of PVC window, we advise you to contact Stimex. At our company you can order  the glazing of  balcony  in Kyiv, the price is available to every middle-income consumer.

Glazing of balconies in Kyiv

Just a few years ago, a lot of people used their balconies to store various unnecessary items or to dry clothes. Today, the balconies are being repaired and reconstructed, which allows them to arrange as the winter garden, study or continuation of the room. If you have a balcony, you can glaze it with the help of specialists of our company, after which you can use this room throughout the year. Also, the cost of glazing of balconies will not significantly affect your budget, while the investment will pay off as soon as possible, by expanding the area of ​​your home and saving utilities.

The balconies installation in Kyiv 

If you are interested in glazing of balconies, you can order it at our company “Stimex”.

You just need to do a few simple steps:

  • to fill in the form for specialist calling for measurement or call directly the specified phone numbers;
  • after agreeing the date and time, our employee will arrive for a free measurement of the window or door opening;
  • Our managers will calculate the cost of construction and work, and prepare for signing a service agreement with you. Also, this document is valid warranty, during which you can rely on professional maintenance of the window systems
  • After the signing of documents, the installation and finishing works are carried out.

After turning to our company, you will save not only your time and effort, but also the money, because our company will help to glaze the balcony in Kyiv at the medium-price and in the short term.

To glaze the balcony in Kyiv: advantages

If you do not know how much is to glaze a balcony, you can get to know such information on our company’s website or by calling the numbers indicated on the service. Our company will help you to glaze the balcony, the cost of which does not ravage your family budget. If you order the window construction at Stimex company, you receive a construction with the numbers of advantages:

  • the possibility of installing a sliding system that does not steal additional space and allows you to use the window sill at your discretion;
  • after installation the balcony can be used the whole year round;
  • the structures have the sound and heat insulation characteristics;
  • It allow you to add additional space to your home;
  • optional, there is the ability to install blocking locks and other devices against breaking which are guaranteeing the maximum level of security for your home and all its inhabitants;
  • cleanliness and aesthetic appearance of your balcony any time of the year;
  • the possibility to add the various elements of furniture that will allow you to accurately arrange various objects on the balcony;
  • we use only high-quality accessories and elements;
  • the possibility to install additional glass units;
  • at a reasonable price

Glazing of balconies: the prices in Kyiv  

You can order glazing of balconies at Stimex company at prices that will be pleasant for you. In order to find out the preliminary cost of the balcony structure, you just need to call the phone numbers listed on the website, or fill in a callback form. In a phone mode, our managers will advise you and make out the application for measuring the window and door opening. Highly qualified specialists with great experience are working at our team. This gives us the opportunity to make a careful installation in the shortest time.

The balconies installation by Stimex 

The correct glazing of balcony is not only installation of frames. It is also necessary to have cills, canopies, and cases that protect the installation joints and it is very desirable to decorate the walls of the loggia with a insulation material. Competently executed works on glazing of balcony will allow you to use it both in winter and in summer – it will always be comfortable.