PVC doors buy in Kyiv

PVC doors from Stimex

Advantages of our doors:
Reliable protect the house, office, institution from external noise
High level of thermal insulation, and also not afraid of moisture and water
Reliability of operation, the design retains its geometry for a long time
They don’t require any special care: it’s easy to wash and clean and they are not afraid of the effects of any household chemicals
Successfully used as interior, office, balcony, vestibule and entrance structures
Simple algorithm for doors installation
1. Free measurement

2. Visit of expert
3. Cost calculation and contract signature
4. Installation and finishing of doors

Doors are the face not only of the premises where they are installed, but also of its owners. On the modern market of door designs there are many different models of natural wood or metal, but not everyone can afford such doors. In this regard, Kyiv’s door manufacturers offer an inexpensive, but with excellent characteristics doors made of PVC materials. If you decide to buy doors, Stimex is happy to offer the widest choice of metal-plastic doors that can be installed not only in residential premises, but also in offices, warehouses, commercial and industrial premises.

The doors installation

When you order the PVC doors, the installation of which occurs according to the following algorithm:

  • on our website or by phone, you need to ask for specialist who will measure the doorway free of charge;
  • our specialist will arrive to you only after agreeing a convenient time for you;
  • our company “Stimex” is a manufacturer of doors made of PVC materials, we cooperate legally, so we sign a contract with each of our clients;
  • after signing the contract and payment, the installation of the door structure and further finishing is carried out.

Our company “Stimex” in addition of selling PVC doors provides a unique service: the installation of doors Kyiv cheap. We also provide warranty services for our services and products, which makes it possible to get professional service during and after the warranty period.

How to choose the door Kyiv not expensive?

If you decide to buy doors for the house, you need to follow a few simple rules that will help you choose a design with a maximum service life without various breakdowns and unforeseen situations in the work:

Material. In our company “Stimex” you can purchase elite doors from PVC profile in Kyiv, which allows you to create high-quality and reliable designs with a unique aesthetic appearance;

Model. The harmony of not only the exterior of your home, but also the design inside the room will depend on the model you choose, so the doors should be as close as possible to the stylistic idea of ​​the apartment or house;

Door leaf filling. In our catalog you can choose models with inlays of non-ferrous metals, stained glass and crystals;

Furniture should provide a tight fit of all sides and corners of the valves, which will allow you to avoid heat loss and will be able to guarantee durable operation for many years;

Additional characteristics. In our company, you can order doors, installation of which provides for the presence of an innovative anti-burglary system, supplemented with triplex glass;

Opening system. Today, the PVC doors can be installed with shtulp or sliding mechanism, electric drives or mechanical closers.

How to order doors and their advantages? 

When you order a PVC door construction at our company, you can know the cost of the door from our managers or calculate it in the online calculator on our website. In the Stimex company you can buy cheap doors with unique characteristics:

  • have a noise insulating effect;
  • moisture resistant;
  • provide the maximum level of thermal insulation;
  • durable;
  • do not require special skills and means to care for them;
  • suitable for any kind of premises.

The manufacturer of doors in Kyiv guarantees the quality

At our company “Stimex” you can buy quality doors in Kyiv, the price of which is available to everyone. To call for measurement, you just need to call the phone numbers listed on our website, fill out a callback form or an online application. Installation of doors is carried out by professionals with extensive experience, which guarantees accuracy at all stages of the installation of the door structure.

The doors installation by Stimex

Strength, reliability and durability – these are the basic requirements that any doors must have.The company “Stimex” manufactures and installs plastic balcony, office and entrance doors. We also offer various modifications of door modules in all price categories – from high-quality wing doors to respectable structures.

In order to choose the right door, you first need to decide what you want: what doors, what purpose. For example, if you need entrance plastic doors, these will be 70-mm-thick Kommerling doors, a two-chamber double-glazed window and a furniture around the contour with a push set. Interior doors – a solution: a PVC door with a thickness of 60 mm, a single-chamber double-glazed window (24 mm), a pressure set and an aluminum threshold. Plastic door can be ordered in white, and can be laminated in any color and wood. The plastic doors are reliable and safe.