Office doors

Plastic office doors

Plastic office doors have wider profiles, as compared to balcony doors, they open from the inside. On the door it is recommended to install central locks with one closing point.

Plastic office door has a light weight, it has three hinges. Installing single-chamber windows will allow doors to have a lighter weight. The height of the door should not be above 2500 mm, and the width -1000mm. If a lot of people pass through the door, it’s worthwhile to set a low aluminum threshold.

Key Features

Plastic office doors

Doors for the office should be primarily strong and reliable. Statistical standards have about 500 thousand openings and closures. Therefore, saving and purchasing low-quality products is not worth it, such models are not designed for a large load, their service life is rather short.

Buying PVC doors, it is worth considering certain specifics during operation. Plastic products are of the following types:

  • external, their installation is made on the main, spare and additional entrances;
  • internal installed when necessary to separate the room from the corridor;
  • technical doors are installed in utility rooms (closets, shower, toilet, exit to the stairwell).

Office doors have many differences from ordinary doors. Particular emphasis is placed on the reinforcement of the box and sash using profile systems of closed section (thickness greater than 2 mm). These data contribute to the reliable fastening of the hinges and stiffness of the leaf.

The biggest wear falls on the lower part of the frame, therefore, for durability, powders with thermal inserts are used, which also protect against cold.

Most products are made in white, but with individual wishes it is possible to buy plastic office doors and in other colors.

Plastic office doors – the perfect solution for the office. The main advantages of plastic products:

  • affordable cost;
  • high strength construction;
  • modern appearance;
  • noise and thermal insulation;
  • easy and simple care;
  • long service life.

What other parameters need to pay attention to when choosing a design?

Buy high quality plastic office doors is the right decision, but you should pay attention to the following indicators:

  • type of window constructions (single or double, which moves apart or swings open, etc.);
  • number of cameras in the profile;
  • type of double-glazed window;
  • aluminum or steel threshold;
  • quality and design of accessories.

Design and colors

As already mentioned, the classic is a white color with a varied texture (matte, glossy, lamination, solid canvas, decor, etc.). However, you can choose any color design that will be in harmony with your interior features.

If you want to buy office doors aluminum plastic, but can not decide on the color and design, then contact our consultants for help to make the right choice.

Our company provides additional services:

  • calculation of estimated cost;
  • installation work;
  • free departure of the measurer;
  • expeditious delivery across the territory of Ukraine;
  • warranty.

Our company offers customers the original door configuration. Office plastic doors in Kiev of various designs can be ordered from us, we are responsible for the quality of products. For plastic office doors, the price is reasonable and corresponds to the quality of construction.