Window profile in Kyiv

The window systems from Stimex

Environmental friendliness. Use lead free profiles
Design. We offer not only a perfect quality, but also an elegant appearance
Energy efficiency. Production of profiles is carried out on the basis of modern energy-saving technologies
Heat and sound insulation. The windows from Stimex are the best way to keep warm and quiet
Simple algorithm for window installation
1. Free measurement

2. Visit of expert
3. Cost calculation and contract signature
4. Installation and finishing of doors

Window profiles are the main elements of the window system. The wear resistance of the entire product depends on their properties. PVC profile has gained its popularity among consumers due to its durability and aesthetics. Stimex offers a wide choice of this type of production with excellent quality at the reasonable price.

How to choose profile for a window?

It is not so difficult to buy window profiles now. Manufacturers offer an excellent range of profiles for every taste. But before the purchase, it is better to become familiar with the standard that will help you make the most correct choice:

Aesthetics: The surface of the product should be smooth, one-color, not have stains and inclusions of different color.

Width: From the width of the profile depends its ability to cope with sound and heat-insulating function. For our climate, the optimum width is 6-7 cm.

The thickness of the exterior walls: The measure affects the conservation of heat in the room. The wall must be at least 28 mm

Air chambers: The more chambers is the better.

Manufacturer: It is better to purchase products from the proved brand, given the feedback from people who have been using products for more than one year.