Stimex co-extrusion PVC board

коэкструзионный лист

Сomposited rigid plastic is sandwiched between two thin layers of solid PVC in which the inner is foam layer. This structure of the material provides it with low weight and at the same time high strength, rigidity, impact resistance and smooth hard surface. The board is produced by co-extrusion technology, for the inner foam layer is used cheaper recycled PVC and for the co-extruded surface layers is used high-quality PVC with high rigidity, containing an antistatic additive. This combination allows you to get a cheap light sheet material with the same strength characteristics and operational characteristics as in the case of boards made of expensive primary material. Plastic has excellent weather resistance due to the addition of light stabilizers and special additives that absorb UV rays. By he way, sheets are fire resistant. Designed specifically for outdoor use.

Properties of Stimex co-extrusion PVC board:

  • smooth glossy surface
  • low weight, low density
  • high impact resistance
  • high moisture resistance, not prone to corrosion
  • good sound and heat insulation
  • high chemical resistance
  • fire resistance
  • easy of processing
  • recycled

Application of Stimex co-extrusion PVC sheets:

  • exhibition stands
  • mobile decorations
  • constructions for presentations
  • signs
  • plumbing partitions
  • control cabinets at enterprises
  • interior decoration in automotive industry, carriage construction and shipbuilding
  • production of furniture

PVC co-extrusion board is produced to order from 300 sq.m.

Technical specifications
Density of iinner layer, g/cm30,55
Density of outer layer, g/cm31,4
Tension, mpa23
Tension modulus, mpa1100
Flexurl modulus, mpa1400
Hardness, d49
Impact viscosity, kj/m219