Foamed PVC sheets from STIMEX

PVC foam board 3 mmPVC foam board 5 mmPVC foam board 8 mmPVC foam board 10 mm
Size 1220*2460 mmSize 1220*2460 mmSize 1220*2460 mmSize 1220*2460 mm
Price: 250 UAH/m2Price: 350 UAH/m2Price: 525 UAH/m2Price: 650 UAH/m2
Amount: 750 UAH/boardAmount: 1050 UAH/boardAmount: 1575 UAH/boardAmount: 1950 UAH/board

PVC foam board 3 mm
Size 1220*2460 mm
Price: 250 UAH/m2
Amount: 750 UAH/board

PVC foam board 5 mm
Size 1220*2460 mm
Price: 350 UAH/m2
Amount: 1050 UAH/board
PVC foam board 8 mm
Size 1220*2460 mm
Price: 525 UAH/m2
Amount: 1575 UAH/board
PVC foam board 10 mm
Size 1220*2460 mm
Price: 650 UAH/m2
Amount: 1950 UAH/board

Stimex is a manufacturer of PVC foamed boards

“Stimex” company is a manufacturer of foamed PVC boards. Foamed PVC is a light, flexible and strong material, a sheet with thickness of 1 to 20 mm with a fine-porous structure and is widely used for the production of advertising materials, structures and construction. A foamed PVC board has good sound insulation and moisture resistance, is resistant to environmental influences and is also subject to various processing methods (application of printed images, lamination, painting, stamping, engraving and milling). PVC foam boards are produced in white color of various thicknesses – from 3 to 20 mm, sizes from 1220×2460 mm or to order.

Characteristics of foamed PVC sheets are:

Вспененный ПВХ лист
  • Smooth silky matte finish
  • Light weight
  • Mechanical strength
  • High moisture resistance
  • Good sound and heat insulation
  • High chemical resistance
  • Flammability
  • Easy of processing Recyclable material

Application of foamed PVC boards:


реклама на спіненому пвх
  • Screen and UV printing
  • Pointers
  • Signboards
  • Pavement signs
  • Information board, displays
  • Volumetric letters
  • Shop window decoration
  • Exhibition stands
  • Backlit pseudo-volume letters

Trade equipment:

  • Showroom shelves
  • Counters Racks
  • Presentation constructions
  • Partitions
  • Elements of decoration of commercial premises 


спінений ПВХ
  • For interior decoration of rooms with high humidity
  • Air conditioning and ventilation ducts
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • PVC carpentry elements
  • Window frames and slope
  • Windows and skirting elements
  • Door panel elements
  • Channels for cables and wires
  • Shelves and constructions
Technical specifications:
Density, g/cm30,55
Tension, mpa16
Tension modulus, mpa900
Flexurl modulus, mpa1100
Hardness, d49

Stimex foamed PVC board has an ideal surface for printing and applying self-adhesive films and applications, and the flawless whiteness of the foamed PVC sheet is able to convey the characteristics of the shades of any color palette. They practically do not absorb water and atmospheric moisture air, which excludes swelling, deformation and distortion of PVC products during the entire service life. Even direct long-term contact with water does not change the appearance and operational characteristics of the material. All PVC boards can be attributed to the group of non-flammable, self-extinguishing materials that do not support combustion in air.