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Advantages of purchasing PVC windows from Stimex:
German technology Green line
Reinforcement profile. We are guaranteed to strengthen the window profile with a steel liner, 1.5 mm thick, U-shaped or square
Energy-saving double-glass
Original window furniture Siegenia Favorit – the high-quality window furniture that optimally combine functionality, comfort and durability
Warm base profile
Installation quality
Service "Warm installation"
Simple algorithm for window installation
1. Free measurement

2. Visit of expert
3. Cost calculation
and contract signature
4. Installation and finishing of windows

To create a stylish and functional interior that meets the requirements of a modern world, you need to pay attention to the choice of door and window construction. Indeed, not only the aesthetics of the premises depends of them, but energy saving and security. Stimex company offers to buy a metal-plastic window in Kyiv of the best quality and at a good price. Once having paid due attention to the choice of PVC windows in Kyiv, you will provide comfort and pleasure thanks to excellent glazing for many years.

Where can you order the PVC windows in Kyiv?

It is not so difficult to order the plastic windows for the residents of our country. Installation of this type of window structures has long been in demand. These products are made from a combination of different functional materials. Usually it is polyvinyl chloride, reinforced with metal. The construction is created with special air chambers that prevent sound waves, cold and dust from outside of house. The more cameras, the better qualities has the product. Stimex makes PVC windows in Kyiv at a good price which will satisfy requirements of the modern client. Laconic and practical, they fall in love with themselves from the first days of use.

PVC windows installation in Kyiv

PVC windows at a good price in Kyiv have a lot of advantages. Among which are:

  • wear resistance;
  • ease of care;
  • insulation;
  • security;
  • energy saving;
  • the ability to purchase a product by their measurements;
  • affordable cost.

The metal-plastic windows, the installation of which does not take much time, are highly reliable. The company’s specialists make a free trip to the construction project and take measurements that can help you in choosing a product. The cost calculation is made individually, taking into account the size and type of ordered structure.

After the agreeing on the conditions of the order and the approval of the cost, our specialists prepare the contract. Then the experienced specialists do the installation of structures with a guarantee for their work.

The production of PVC windows is a responsible process that requires specialized equipment and knowledge. We know how to make the windows that our customers would like them in all respects.

What is the price for PVC windows in Kyiv?

The cost of a metal-plastic window depends on several factors. The main one is its equipment. Windows consist not only of a metal-plastic profile, but also of double-glass. The design of the window includes at least two glazing. They can be with energy-efficient spraying, with filling of special gas or dry air.

Also, the design includes insulation that maintains sealing and fittings, due to which the window sash can be dynamic: a hinge, a hook, etc. You can purchase separately additional items: mosquito screen, visor, drip cap.

The second factor affecting the pricing is design. The window can be made with:

  • cross timber
  • shtulp
  • spross
  • bevels
  • jalousie inside the double-glass

And the third factor is the size of the window. They can be whatever, depending on the characteristics of the room in which they will be install. That is why experts can not immediately put the standard price on the windows. It depends on the above factors.

Buy PVC windows Kyiv

Stimex company provides an opportunity to buy PVC windows in Kyiv at the good price. Our employees are always ready to help to our customers, to provide them with information about the products, their installation features and to clarify with choice.

Buy PVC windows in Kyiv at prices which match the quality, you can choose from a wide range of models. Please bring some happiness yourself with beautiful, practical translucent construction from Stimex

Windows installation by Stimex

Windows installation which is made in compliance with all technological requirements, is the key to durability and reliability of windows service. High-quality and competent windows installation allows you to avoid the problems with windows almost on 80-90%.

To ensure reliable and long-term operation of the window, the windows installation by Stimex is carried out in accordance with all quality requirements, with the assistance of qualified specialists and the use of quality materials. By purchasing windows installation, you get a guarantee not only on the windows construction, but also on their installation, which will save you from further understanding who is responsible for the defect.

Windows installation includes the following works:

  • window measurement;
  • preparatory work;
  • direct installation of windows;
  • sealing of joints between the windows and the wall;
  • final work (adjustment, finishing);
  • handing-over and acceptance of work.

The windows installation by Stimex company is carried out only by qualified specialists who have been trained. using quality materials. High-quality and competent windows installation is a guarantee of their durable and reliable work.