купить лист пвх Стимекс

Foamed plastic boards received its name due to the fine-mesh internal structure, it have a low weight, high resistance to the external environment and high moisture resistance and are widely used in advertising, design elements, construction and furniture structures. “Stimex” company is specializes in the production of white and colored foamed PVC boards as well as co-extrusion PVC boards of various thicknesses.

Foam PVC sheet materials, produced by STIMEX are of high quality and excellent performance. An important factor in the demand for PVC board is the price. As a manufacturer, we are ready to offer our customers quality material at the best competitive price. Several types of raw materials (oil, coal, gas) are suitable for the production of polyvinyl chloride, which form a new substance during processing. Thermoplastic polymer has been widely used for over 50 years in the following fields of activity:

  • construction;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • renovation work;
  • advertising campaign;
  • other sectors of the national economy.

PVC polymer has a special molecular structure, thanks to which it acquires a lot of positive qualities:

  • durability;
  • resistance to various influences (mechanical, chemical);
  • the possibility of using various processing methods;
  • high impact resistance.

So, for outside using of this material, the experts began to use special additives. PVC is a multipurpose material from which are made various types of products, for example, plastic sheets.

Historical facts about PVC

Polyvinyl chloride has been widely used since the Second World War. There was no metal, since it was used for the needs of army, and the population used scrap materials. For example, sewers were made of plastic, because aluminum was in short supply. Plastic pipes quickly deformed under the negative impact of the environment. Scientists began to develop a better material that would be stronger, more practical and more durable. The result is a great material PVC. It was not afraid of the effects of water, fire, chemicals, so over time, the polymer found various uses. 

Important Advantages of PVC board

PVC board is an easy-to-use material. It is quite simple to cut, drill, mill, glue it. In addition, this variety has an aesthetic appearance and is producing in various colors. The main advantages of the material include the following points:

  • light weight;
  • mechanical strength;
  • high stiffness;
  • resistance to corrosion, fire, moisture;
  • long service life;
  • low price;
  • an excellent indicator of thermal insulation.

A structure of any shape and complexity can be formed from plastic sheet . Transparent PVC sheet successfully replaces polystyrene, organic glass. At the same time, PVC has an excellent indicator of shock resistance, has fire-fighting properties.

Types of PVC sheets and their application

There are two main types of PVC sheets:

  • Foamed. Has a porous structure, has excellent sound and heat insulating properties. The material perfectly tolerates temperature changes, perfectly withstands temperatures from -20 to +60 degrees. Due to its special properties, foamed varieties are widely used for the manufacture of advertising signs, posters, street signs. In addition, this PVC sheet is not afraid of moisture, therefore it is suitable for bathrooms, interior decoration of car washes, balconies, rooms with high humidity.
  • Hard. This type can have a matte or glossy surface with a uniform structure. The sheets are dense, rigid, and lightweight. They perfectly absorb vibrations and are resistant to various deformations. Rigid polyvinyl chloride is widely used in industry. Most often it is used for insulating containers made of metal, concrete, for finishing refrigerating chambers, for the manufacture of various baths and reservoirs for chemicals. Plastic sheet is an irreplaceable material in the production of slopes, ventilation systems, sandwich panels and various partitions.