Balconies with removal

A balcony with a take-out is a great idea for those who want to increase the area of their apartment. It allows you to install a beautiful, voluminous window sill, improve housing design and transform the exterior of a multi-storey building. Apartments in megacities are becoming increasingly compact. Therefore, their owners dream to expand them at least a little. If there is no opportunity to buy more spacious housing, do not despair. You can simply add the missing area thanks to the arrangement of a remote balcony.

Such designs are not only reliable and safe, they are also quite affordable. This service is in great demand among the residents of our capital.

The main types of balconies with removal

Expanding the balcony is possible thanks to several methods. Which ones? You will learn further:

  1. If you extend the balcony slab by 20-25 centimeters in length and width, you can achieve an increase in the balcony. This method is carried out by welding a reliable metal frame. Such a frame is fastened with channels to the plate itself and to the front load-bearing wall. The load is distributed correctly by accurately calculating the fastening. The cost of this method does not please customers. In addition, for him, you need to get documentary permission in the BTI.
  2. Removal by the level of the windowsill. This method involves increasing the window sill and the entire window structure by 30-40 centimeters per street. This can be done both around the perimeter, and only on the sides. The balcony after augmentation looks aesthetically pleasing, the useful area is significantly added.
  3. Removal of a window sill and plates. The combined method of expansion is one of the most expensive.

Which removal method is better cannot be said. Each client chooses it according to their personal requirements and financial capabilities. It is also worth considering the floor of the housing and the condition of the building.

Window sill balconies

This type of installation can be done in two ways. Namely:

  1. kerchief (short takeaway). It is used for a balcony, the parapet of which is made of concrete, therefore it does not need covering and insulation;
  2. long takeaway. Parapet of a design from a metal lattice.
    Equipment for a remote balcony: stages
    Before you begin to work to increase the usable space by moving the balcony, you need to inspect the parapet. Sometimes you need to strengthen it, weld an additional grill, lay with foam blocks, etc. Then choose a remote design.

Remote structures, which simply complemented the frame of the broom, look unfinished. That is why most often they are additionally sheathed, and the balcony is insulated with special materials.

Remote structures are installed:

  • using metal brackets that have been pretreated with a corrosion inhibitor. For a concrete or brick parapet, anchor bolts and rigid metal pipes are used to make the structure as reliable as possible.
  • welded frame, which is encircled around the entire balcony and attached to the wall of a high-rise building.

The portable structure takes on the entire load of the glazing system, so all materials that are used for its installation must be as strong and reliable as possible. Usually, a load calculation is carried out before installation and, if necessary, the remote structure is additionally strengthened.

Glazing of a remote balcony can be:

  • cold. Window frames with monoglass or with one camera between double-glazed windows;
  • warm. The balcony is glazed with energy-efficient double-glazed windows. If internal insulation is planned, then it is better to install just such window contraction.

Outside the balcony, an ebb and a visor are mounted. They protect the structure from precipitation and freezing.

Which glazing to choose, the client decides. It is important to consider the purpose of using the balcony and the strength of the structure.

Covering the balcony outside is necessary to perform such tasks:

  • Aesthetics. Decorates the exterior of the building;
  • Protection. The metal structure is protected from moisture, and therefore from corrosion.
  • Typically, the material for the sheathing is corrugated board or siding.


By warming the balcony, you can make its living area. If the balcony is warm, then the design will last longer, because the temperature drops will be less.

For external insulation, polystyrene foam, polystyrene, mineral wool and siding are used.

For the interior you will need polystyrene, styrodur and mineral wool. This method of insulation is performed around the entire perimeter of the structure.

Interior decoration

This stage is the final in the equipment of the remote balcony. It implies:

  • wall and ceiling sheathing with siding, drywall, laminate, MDF boards, plastic or lining;
  • installation of built-in furniture, installation of shelves, cabinets, clothes dryers, flowerpots, etc.

When all work is completed, the client can enjoy a neat, spacious and warm balcony. It looks great both inside and out. A wide window sill allows you to set flower plants, aquariums or use it as a table under a laptop. What zone your balcony will be, is up to you. We are sure that both rest and work there will bring you a lot of pleasant emotions.