Vinyl  sheet piling 

The improvement and active use coastlines of different water basins are becoming very important today. So, the main point is the coast  protection: to protect banks  and builds  against   the effects of water environment.

There are many methods of reinforcement the coastlines and protect them from erosion  and destruction: the  retaining walls made from oak  timber, gabions, concrete  sheet piling , geogrid etc.- their  materials  are wood, metal, concrete and stone. In addition to the above ,the new technology  that extending the technical possibilities and allowing to achieve greater economic efficiency is developed.

The most up-to-date  technological advances in the extrusion and application of modern chemical additives allow to create a product with high running ability - sheet piling  made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

This material (PVC) has a number of benefits  over traditional steel, timber or concrete piling; mainly cost, durability, easy of handling and environment, does not rot or rust

The indisputable advantages of applying vinyl sheet piling in hydraulic engineering construction  are the less weight and easy installation without using of heavy equipment that reduce on 50% costs for installation as compare with steel piling, and on 75 % as compare with concrete piling. The PVC sheet piling don’t  need additional coating  and intensive care during the long period of using ,that can be extended to 50 years.

Besides, the environmentally friendly is one of the most important advantage in applying of vinyl pilling.

Benefits of PVC sheet piling :

- High durability

- Mechanical endurance

- Resistance to seasonal temperature drop

- Doesn’t rot or rust


- Design aesthetics

Plastic piling can be installed by mechanical or manual installation. The basic installation methods are: 

- driving



During the installation you can use  boats , equipment  based on excavators and arrows as well as independent stations with manual vibratory  hammer.