Bank protection of rivers and lakes

The bank protection of rivers and lakes with vinyl sheet piling  is the most up-to-date   and effective way to prevent the destructive influence of water streams, waves and variability of water level.

Assembled  PVC sheet piling wall  is practically water proof and  used as a powerful security  barrier.

Such construction may be used together with the system of bindings with distributive beams and additional fasteners (anchors, braces) which permit not only to protect the coastline from erosion, but also to secure retention of solid mass displacement  and moving.

The technical specifications  of PVC sheet piling LD-250/LD-303 are allow  to apply  them for solving such problems:

-       Bank protection of rivers and lakes

-       Bank protection walls

-       The coastline formation

-       Regulation of rivers

-       Construction of artificial channels

-       The basin guard

-       Protection from groundwater

-       Protection from undermining and flood

The main advantages of  applying the  PVC sheet piling for bank protection:

-       Low cost effective of vinyl sheet pile as compared  with Larsen steel sheet pilling

-       The less weight of PVC sheet pilling reduce the  transportation costs

-       Easy to install. No heavy equipment for installation

-       Longer service life  due to high durability and mechanical endurance of material

-       Resistance to seasonal temperature drop, lack of deformation and dimensional changes

-       - Environmentally friendly, not need additional proofing