The application of PVC sheet piles

Banks  protection. The coastline formation

 Construction of artificial channels and basins


The water area guard

Protection from groundwater and hazardous substance leakage

Protection from undermining and flood


Reinforcing of road slope and bridge footing

The main advantages of  applying the  PVC sheet piling

•   The indisputable advantages of applying vinyl sheet piling in hydraulic engineering construction  are the less weight and easy installation without using of heavy equipment that reduce on 50% costs for installation as compare with steel piling, and on 75 % as compare with concrete frame. The PVC sheet  don’t  need additional proofing and intensive care during the long period of using ,that can be extended to 50 years.

Also the environmentally friendly is one of the most important advantage in applying of vinyl pilling.

Benefits of PVC sheet piling :

- High durability

- Mechanical endurance

- Resistance to seasonal temperature drop

- Corrosion and putrefaction resistant

- UV-Resistant

- Design aesthetics